Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TSM Shopping List: Book Glyphs

I originally posted this list on the Consortium Forums, but I feel it's useful so I'm sharing it here.
If you're in the glyph market, you probably realize by now that the most profitable glyphs are those learned through daily research and via Books of Glyph Mastery. These are also the only glyphs really worth trying to flip, since the trainer-taught glyphs are so common you're almost guaranteed to be undercut within about 30 seconds.

Personally, I like to search for underpriced glyphs to flip from time to time. I mainly look for book glyphs, i.e. those taught by the Book of Glyph Mastery. Especially if I can find one under crafting cost, I'll snag it, but even if it's over crafting cost but way under market value, I'll buy out to try to reset.

One way to search for these is with a TSM shopping list. I went through Wowhead and put together a shopping list with all the item IDs for every current book glyph in the game. You can import this into your TSM and use it as you see fit. I hope you enjoy this and/or find it useful; if so, let me know!

TSM Book Glyph Shopping List:

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