Sunday, March 18, 2012

As The Gold Turns: March 11-17

I saw that Shannon over at Shannon's Shenanigans is going to do a weekly post on what he's done to make gold and how it worked out. Shannon, I like your idea, so I'm stealing it. Mwah. Since I didn't know I was doing this until now, I don't have good records or screenshots for you; look for that next week.

A Slow Week
This week was actually really laid back for me in terms of actually putting in the effort to make gold. My husband, who lives out of town for his job, came in for a visit, which means I basically did nothing from Wednesday night on. I forgot to use my 2 transmute cooldowns, I didn't shuffle, and I didn't restock glyphs. So what did I do?

Those Cata Greens
This is currently my favorite market, because it's easy and pretty darn profitable. Folks are still posting level 77-80 ilvl 272 or higher BoE greens on the AH for as low as 10g. I just look through them all and pick up the ones that have quality stats (at least one primary stat, like agi/int/str, preferably some sta, and hopefully at least one relevant secondary stat). I'll spend up to 100g, maybe a little bit more for a blue item I know will sell. (I'm looking at you, Toxidunk Dagger.)

My price brackets for these items are, right now, 400g for 77 or 80 gear, and 300g for 78 and 79 stuff. I'll go 100g below that but not more, so I'm at least doubling what I spent -- and usually well more than doubling. With all the new Scroll of Resurrection 80s, I've been seeing quite a few sales, and I think the market is going up. I'm going to bump all my prices up 50-100g at the start of this week to see if it works. These green items were the major source of my profits for the week.

Even though I didn't restock any of my glyphs this week, I still enjoy posting them, so I just used what stock I had. I don't have a big stockpile since I've only been doing this for a few months, and that means I pretty much sold out. My glyph posting toon has gone from an average auction item value of 50k to 8k. Oops. There's also another person on the scene who appears to intend on seriously competing in the glyph market, so I'm going to have to stay on top of this if I want any sales. One day I posted in the morning and didn't repost at all and had ZERO sales.

There are four folks, including myself, who seem to post mass quantities of glyphs and undercut by 1c, so I pretty much have to repost every couple of hours for best results. Since I just got a Real Job, I pretty much won't be able to do this on weekdays once I start work. I'm not sure right now what I'll do about that; we don't know how glyphs are changing in MoP yet so I'm a little hesitant to sit on a huge stockpile if I can't sell them daily. We'll see.

I still made a few thousand gold from glyphs, in spite of my laziness.

Gem prices have plummeted on my server, with cut Inferno Rubies down from about 400g to 120g or so. I've never gotten the shuffling spreadsheets to work and so I honestly have no idea how profitable the full shuffle is, but ore prices haven't dropped quite as much. And I didn't put the time in to shuffle anyway, so I was just selling back stock. At this point, TSM is trying to post at my fallback price based on crafting cost, and that's usually well above what the market is. I need to adjust my category and group settings for this. I'll probably work on it a little this week.

I sold a very few gems, mostly cut infernos, for a grand total of about 2k gold. Yippee. Since I didn't prospect, I also didn't make any jewelry or enchanting scrolls/mats, nor did I transmute metas. (The metas I have are suffering from the TSM overprice syndrome, above, so yeah.)

I've been suffering from a serious lack of bag and bank space on most of my toons, and I finally re-installed Auctionator. Ergo, this week, I actually posted up a bunch of stuff I hadn't gotten into TSM groups yet. Vendor recipes, cooking mats, random greens, a few transmog items I stumbled across while leveling or instancing, crafted junk, etc. I've had about a 25% sell rate on this stuff, and I'm going to continue doing this to get rid of crap and make some gold. I'll also be buying more of the vendor recipes that did sell out, if I can figure out what they were. I don't actually have a great strategy for these; I just use the RecipeProfit addon for Gathermate2 and pick up stuff that looks, from the TSM tooltip, like a good idea.

Thanks to this clearing out, most of my alts now have a decent amount of gold on their own without my feeding it to them.

Leveling Engineering and Tailoring
I decided to ditch Alchemy on my mage and get her into Engineering, mostly because I was heartily sick of leveling Alchemy on a 3rd toon in a row. Luckily, I had most of the mats I needed to get myself to 300 engineering skill, so I only spent about 300g getting there. It'll get ugly now, because I'm on Fel Iron, and my miners are level 23 and level 33. On the other hand, I'm not in any huge rush; I don't play the mage much and I do want to work on the 33 rogue, so I think I can wait and not buy unless I see it well below market.

Oph's tailoring is kind of stuck. I need about one billion Frostweave Cloth, which is a pain to farm and expensive to buy. I gave my 75 DK a Blood spec and took her up to the humanoids in ICC next to the Argent Tournament and got 9 pieces of cloth in about 10 minutes, at which point I stopped for some reason. The mage herself is 65 so my best strategy is probably to level her to Northrend and go from there.

I think I added about 10K to my liquid gold this week, but I'm not altogether sure. It may have been closer to 15K. I'll keep better track next week and let you all know real numbers and not off-the-top-of-my-head guesstimates.


  1. Hey can i ask whats the avarage price of glyphs on your server?? Cause woow 50k sounds pretty much on my server 95%of glyphs are around 23g of something because of some idiot undercutters..Lets say the price is 80g they undercut to 23..I cant reset the market all day long i would go broke and they wouldnt run out of glyphs so no point trying that.Maybe the problem is i haven't learned any glyphs froom the books or the dailies?:sApproximately whats the share of "trainer glyphs" and "the rest" in %??Sorry for bothering you with this much of questions but i am really lost at this many glyphs you post at a time when your auctions value is up to 50k??

    1. Hey! No problem, I don't mind answering questions, although I may not have the level of detail you're looking for.

      Almost all the glyphs I actually make are either from the daily glyph research or Book of Glyph Mastery. The trainer glyphs are almost never profitable. I use the TSM addon for crafting and posting glyphs because I wouldn't be able to keep track of so much without it.

      When I have 50k in glyphs I think it's usually about 300 items, somewhere in that range. I post one of each glyph at a time, for 12 hours, and then just repost rather than cancel if I get undercut.

  2. Been a while since i was really into shuffling but think simple formula for break even on reds is 1000 stacks ore = 450IR - 900HB

    Plug in price for 1 inferno ruby (IR) and price for 1 Heartblossom(HB) gives you a break even(only selling red gems) price for ore. If you are doing 2 stack of ore dont use this formula, its more over large samples.

    1. Oh, interesting. I'd never seen that before -- is that more for elementium, or mixed prospecting of all cata ores?