Sunday, March 25, 2012

As The Gold Turns: March 18-24

Start: 167,859g
End: 209,339g
Profit: 41,480g

A Good Week, Overall
I put a lot more effort into my auctions most days this week and saw an increase in profits. Initially I kept a spreadsheet with each day's spending and income, but then WoW started crashing too much and the data became increasingly inaccurate. I'm going to go with overall numbers and the notes I did manage to make to see which markets were the most successful. According to TSM Accounting, which lost some data due to crashes, my average daily income over the past seven days was 7620g, and average daily AH spending was 954g.

Cata Greens, Again
This week's chart toppers were the level 77-80 Cataclysm greens. No big surprise there. I check several times a day for cheap items and post them for 400-475g on average. I bumped the prices up this week and still had plenty of sales. I think a lot of them are going to the new level 80 SoR toons, but I've been in this market for months and it's always been a consistent source of income. Definitely making a lot more sales, though.

Enchanting Mats
I kind of don't have a good handle on the enchanting scrolls market, and I also think fewer and fewer people are raiding. The market prices for all the scrolls have gone way down and they don't move very quickly. Part of the price drop is because we've got ore botters on the server, ergo ore is cheap, ergo enchanting mats are cheap. Still, I got tired of crafting scrolls only to have them linger and take up bag space and incur reposting fees, so I've basically quit making most of them and am only selling the raw materials for enchants.

This week I posted up a lot of my stockpile of pre-Cata mats, as well as quite a few Greater Celestial Essences, all of which sold well. I waited until the price on GCEs went up from 50g to 80g per to maximize my profit on them, and I sold almost all of my stock. The old school dusts (Infinite Dust in particular) also went for a good price.

As with enchanting, the gem market is a bit rocky right now. It's still profitable but it does take a lot of time to shuffle (you can see my post earlier this week about what I prospected) and then to cut the gems. I finally spent some of my JC daily tokens on some new cuts and had success in selling them, albeit at fairly low prices. Again, though, between the ore bots and raiding coming to a near-standstill, that's to be expected. I still had some sales, although a majority of them were uncut Chimera's Eyes and purple, green and blue gems. The cut inferno markets are being driven into the ground; I still sold a few.

I did a nearly-full restock on glyphs over the course of the week. I've heard it's like Glyphmas 2 with the SoR folks but I'm not really getting that. In fact, my glyph sales have gone down pretty dramatically. This is probably because there are FOUR new serious competitors in the market, bringing the total to 7, and that means if I don't repost about once every ten minutes I'm undercut all the time. I still post several times a day and I do get a few sales, but it's on the order of hundreds of gold each mailbox check rather than the thousands I used to pull in. I'm going to do a post soon on how I'm largely getting out of this market, but not entirely, because I just won't be able to play enough WoW to keep up. With all the glyph changes coming in MoP, I don't want to end up sitting on a huge stockpile of obsolete glyphs, either.

Vendor Goods
I love vendor recipes. Sometimes they sell for ridiculous prices, sometimes only a few gold more than what I paid for them, but either way it's a profit. I usually see anywhere from 2-10 sales on these a day. I definitely don't have an inventory of every vendor recipe but I'm thinking of making a toon to keep them in stock so I can easily repost. (Hey, I don't have a warlock yet; why not a lock bank alt?) I use my mage to buy them since she can easily teleport around most of Azeroth. Faid has some vendor recipe guides for sale at Clockwork Riot for only $2 each (one for each faction). I haven't picked one up yet but I'm going to this week since I know Faid puts out quality content. Right now I just use the RecipeProfit for Gathermate 2 addon to see where the vendors are and what they sell. Some of the locations it has are inaccurate, though. I also sell vendor pets, inscription items from Twilight Highlands, and probably a few other random items.

Still isn't really working out for me. I had a couple of sales this week which brought in about 3000g. There is one major transmog seller on my server and he or she seems to have the market pretty well on lockdown, along with a huge inventory of transmog goods. I've been buying chest and leg pieces that are in Keelhaul's high tiers that I see come up at low prices, but they really aren't moving. I don't want to put a lot more effort or gold into this since honestly it just kind of annoys me, but I'll continue to try it on a fairly casual basis.

Random Stuff
I've been clearing out and organizing my inventory and banks this week, so I've also posted up some one-off items, along with selling off some ore, bars, stones and leather I don't really need for anything. I've also made gold from leveling 3 of my alts a fair bit and doing dungeons and quests.

What I Bought
Mostly just stuff to resell, shuffle, and mill, although I spent a tiny bit on Fel Iron bars for Oph's engineering. I also bought her 280 flight when she hit level 70, since all my alts get that now. Slow flying is slow.

This week was MUCH better than last week. I definitely put more effort into making sure all my toons were posting auctions for the stuff they had instead of just letting it sit around in their banks. I'm going to try to keep up a similar level in the coming week and see how things go.

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