Monday, March 12, 2012

Darkmoon Deck Experiment: Part Two

I kind of let this project slide over the weekend because I really wanted to get my mage from 51 to 65, which I have now accomplished. (Now I just have to come up with a metric asston of Frostweave Cloth and switch her alchemy to engineering, since I don't really want a third alchemist just at the moment.) This afternoon, I got back to it. So here's what's going on.

First, you may recall that earlier I made 8 Rogues Decks and traded them in for 3 Darkmoon Vests, 2 Darkmoon Chain Shirts, and one Darkmoon Robe. I posted all those on the AH at 100g per, and also posted one deck. (I kept one for later.) I really like the purple Darkmoon Vest look for leather, and I was hoping someone else would too. I sold one Darkmoon Vest and the deck I posted, for a total of 123g 43s 66c after the AH cut. The vest that sold was of the Monkey, so I think whoever bought it did so for the stats and not the look. The other two I have are of Power and have yet to sell.

This afternoon I made 25 Strange Tarot, resulting in only 5 complete Swords Decks. I turned these in for 2 Azure Shoulderguards, 1 Cloaked Shoulderpads, and 2 Darkcloth Shoulders. I thought the mail Azure Shoulderguards might look good for those trying to create a mail version of the SW Guard type look; the Cloaked are just generally nice for low level rogue mogging; and the Darkcloth are small, low-profile cloth which I think is always appealing. I'm going to list those up at 200g each and see how it goes.

I also made 20 Arcane Tarot, resulting in 3 complete Mages Decks. I turned these in for 2 Darkmoon Pendants and 1 Darkmoon Necklace. Obviously I'll be selling these for stats, not mogging. I got two of the pendants because if they don't sell I'm going to give one to my rogue as an upgrade. Market average for both of these on my server is 89g but since none are posted right now I'm going to try them at 100g.

I've still got other decks to make and turn in, but for now I'm going back to my mage for a little while.

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