Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today's Transmogs: Night Elf DK in a Purple Kilt

I love transmogging. I need to do it more. I spent a little while today coming up with an outfit idea for my DK, who actually doesn't get played much except to do inscription stuff. (I am hoping to get her to 85 before MoP hits, though.) But hey, you should look good standing around milling in Stormwind, amirite?

Here's the idea I came up with:
What I really wanted was a frosty blue and white look, but I wasn't finding anything that called out to me. Kilts have always been my favorite legs in the game (possibly because of my druid addiction) and as I surfed through the options in MogIt -- great addon, by the way, whether you're mogging for yourself or looking for stuff to sell -- the kilt really appealed to me. The image itself is a screenshot from MogIt's preview pane. I think the overall purple color works since Snorgles is a Night Elf, although I still wish there were a blue option. I'm going to keep looking. These are the items:
Overall I like this outfit pretty well; I'll probably grab the shoulders at this month's DMF and start picking up the rest of the items as I go.

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