Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prospecting: This Week's Ore

As I mentioned in my last part, I was pretty lax about prospecting last week. I took a look at ore on the AH this morning and found a metric ton of elementium at about 40g a stack. I bought 159 stacks; there were about as many left, but I kind of got tired of spending money. I probably should've bought more, but I'm just going to go with this.

Since I just did all of this, I figured I'd give you guys a breakdown of how long it took and what I got. So here we are; I'm going to focus on the highlights rather than every little detail.

Elementium Ore

  • Cost: Approximately 6360g.
  • Given my available bagspace, lack of CKS, and slightly slow PC, it took me about 40 minutes to prospect all 159 stacks.
  • 38 Inferno Rubies. Pretending that these are the ONLY things I sell from the prospecting results, as long as I sell them for 167g each I'll break even. At the moment, the prices for cut and uncut infernos are really low on the AH, but it's 7am Sunday. I'm going to hold them for raid times and post them then.
  • All the stuff:

  • Totally didn't transmute anything because I was out of Heartblossom, for Inferno Rubies, and I have enough metas in stock at the moment.
Jewelry Go Boom, which needs to be further broken down. I mailed all the full stacks of uncommon gems to my JC/Enchanter to make into jewelry and disenchant. It took me an hour and 20 minutes to make and DE all of this.

Carnelian Spikes: 26.

  • Spent 80g on settings (I had 2 sitting in my bags for some reason).
  • 58 Greater Celestial Essences, at a current market price of 64g = 3712g (presuming they all sell)
Jasper Ring: 120.

  • Spent 126g on settings.
  • 193 Hypnotic Dust, which got mailed to my banker since I'm kind of stockpiling it for MoP.
  • 59 Lesser Celestials = 19 Greater Celestials = 1216g.
  • 7 blue-quality rings, mailed to another banker to sell. If the blue jewelry doesn't sell after a week, I mail it back and blow it up. Assume 350g sale price = 2450g.
Alicite Pendant: 60.

  • Spent 63g on settings.
  • 86 Hypnotic Dust, again went to the banker.
  • 26 Lesser Celestials = 8 Greater Celestials = 512g.
  • 5 blue-quality necks, same as above rings = 1750g.
Hessonite Ring: 60.

  • Another 63g on settings.
  • 114 Hypnotic Dust, to the banker to store. (Look, I have >500 on my enchanter anyway.)
  • 36 Lesser Celestials = 12 Greater Celestials = 768g.
  • 10 blue-quality rings = 3500g.
Nightstone Choker, 50.

  • Spent 52g on settings.
  • 76 Hypnotic Dust, to the banker.
  • 40 Lesser Celestials = 13 Greater Celestials = 832g.
  • 4 blue-quality necks = 1400g.
Very Rough Profit Estimate
If we assume that everything is going to sell at the prices I detailed above, and pretend that I don't sell anything else from this mess (no, I didn't make any scrolls; most of the prices are tanked on my server and have been for a few weeks), I got 16,140g worth of enchanting mats and 6,346g in raw Infernos. The latter will probably sell for more, but we're just pretending here, right?

So that's a total of 22,486g worth of stuff for an initial investment of 6,360g = 16,126g profit. Potentially more, possibly less.


  1. that is awesome. i think no matter how you do it, it is profit and usually plenty of profit. this is still under-looked and hear every day how they might try it, as if they haven't heard of it at all. if you through this into any other gold making idea of yours you are destined to be rich (in gold anyways lol).

    Great Post

    1. Thanks Shannon! Been able to sell some of it so far through the week, hoping tomorrow through Saturday = slightly bigger numbers.