Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TSM Categories for Transmog Gear

Yesterday I was watching one of Jim's amazing livestreams and I noticed that his TSM auctioning categories for Cata greens and mog gear were very different to mine. I didn't take screenshots of my old categories, and until the servers come back up I can't show you the new ones. But adopting the method he uses (and probably many other folks -- sorry I can't name everyone, this was just the first place I saw it!) made everything much simpler and made me way more inclined to continue selling this stuff.

Previously, I had a categories called, for example, gear - xmog - plate - 1000. Within that category I had groups for every individual stinking piece of armor that went into it. This got really messy and confusing really fast.

What I have now is a single main category, just called gear - xmog. (I'll post screenshots of how this is set up after maintenance.) Inside that category I have groups named after the price brackets, so 500, 750, 1000, 2000, 5000 -- at least for now. Here you can see one of the groups, my 500g group (which doesn't have many items in it yet; I'm still setting these up) inside the gear - xmog category. Please ignore the general mess that is my TSM categorization. I'm working on cleaning it up, and this is part of it.

In the group settings for transmog items, I checked the box to add by item ID, since stats are not important, and set up the threshold and fallback according to the price bracket. Here you can see my threshold and fallback for my 500g group. I forgot to get a SS of the "by item ID" checkbox, but it's at the very top in the group overrides tab.

In the category settings, I set the post cap to 1, post time to 48 hours, and the behavior to post at fallback when the market goes below my threshold. (I may change that to not post at all for a little while until I get a better handle on the pricing structure; it's easier for me to pick them out when the text in the auction log is orange.) Here are the category settings:

As I collect new items, I simply add them to the appropriate price group, rather than having to create an entire new group for them. This has already saved me so much time, and it's so much tidier. I'm following a similar method for my Cata greens, except I have those priced by level. (I bumped my prices on those up yesterday and already had a sale at the higher price, so woo!) I haven't had any mog sales yet, but it's midweek and I didn't get much posted before maintenance.

This post probably makes almost zero sense without pictures if you don't see TSM in your sleep, so I'll add screenshots soon.

Edit: I added screenshots but I'm not sure they're actually big enough to be useful. Still getting used to Blogger so I will revisit this sometime when my Internet connection is better.


  1. Nice, can't wait to see the Screenshot. I have removed transmog from my AH shopping lists and just selling chests and legs, since my server is not doing well right now in the mog market. but it seems to be doing well others servers still.

    1. I'm not sure it's doing well on my server, but at least the categories aren't giving me a nightmare headache anymore and I feel like I can get a better handle on the market this way.

  2. Im confused and very curious. I havent heard of this before.

    1. Haven't heard of what -- TSM in general (I should've linked it, eh?) or setting up categories this way?

  3. Great post Al! I sold 2 2000g items today so I'm hoping it's a sign my server may be waking up to mogging.

    Also with Blizz's new insta-level 80 Scroll of Resurrection I'm flipping all level 80 Cata greens with Agi, Str and Int for 400g each.

    The type of set up you discuss make doing that a snap.

    1. Thanks Jim! Obviously I got the idea from you and it's SO much cleaner and easier for me to maintain.

      I was hoping the new SoR would mean tons more 80 green sales, but there's this from the FAQ on it:
      "This means that the character will be granted... a green quality set of level- and spec-appropriate gear for leveling."