Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello, World!

So this is my newest blogging venture. I thought initially that I'd primarily like to write a WoW goldmaking blog, but frankly I'm not good enough at it. So you'll occasionally see my ramblings on the subject and maybe sometimes I can provide some insight.

Character roster: I currently play on US-Shu'halo(A).

  • My nominal main is Aqualaeta, an 85 Beastmastery Hunter. I generally raid with her; our guild is very casual and we are 6/8 DS 10N. (I used to be all hardcore in TBC, but I prefer this schedule now.) She is a JC/Alchemist.
  • Pierogi is my 85 Holy Priest. She goes to FL sometimes but generally just does LFR and random HoTs. She is a JC/Enchanter.
  • Alaeriel is my 85 Resto Druid, who mostly PvPs. She was my very first WoW toon, and we've been through a lot together, so that's why I use that name for everything. She has herbalism (of course) and LW.
  • Snorgles is a 75 Frost DK who exists primarily to be a scribe. She also has alchemy.
  • Ophuulii is a 52 Fire Mage. I find mages insanely boring but fairly fast to level, and I wanted a tailor, so here she is. She's been sitting in the low 50s for quite a while now, though.
  • Whirley is my brand new, 28 Sub Rogue. I have a lot of fun with her in battlegrounds, and I leave her flagged for PvP. I'm on a normal server. Nobody has ganked me yet; it's kind of disappointing. Right now she has skinning and mining.
  • Shockandale is a 24 Enh Shaman who never gets playtime. I keep promising myself I'll level a shaman to try healing at 85, but I never quite get there.
I also have a couple other alts, bank toons and so forth, and more on other servers. Druids are probably my favorite class; I have three of those at 80 or above. Hunters are next, with two 85s. I actually prefer healing, but right now my raid main is a DPS because she happened to get leveled first; when I moved to a new server, I wanted a max-level toon right away.

As far as goldmaking, I occasionally shuffle but find it super boring. Glyphs are my favorite market, although not always insanely profitable. I'm sitting at about 135k liquid right now and sales have dropped this past week as I've focused on my baby rogue, who is currently my favorite toon to actually play.

So, that's a brief introduction. Welcome, and thanks for reading!

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