Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ATGT: Quarter Million Edition

Start: 209,339g
End: 252,000g (approximate)
Profit: 42,661g

No, it's not April Fool's related, and I'm a couple days late for that anyway. I was actually not in game last week as much as I normally am, since I was running around trying to get RL stuff done. That means this post won't be as detailed as I'd like. However, I had a goal of 250K gold, and I did manage to meet that goal. Big woohoo! I had to estimate the week ending gold amount because I forgot to write it down, but that's about accurate within 1-2K -- it may have been more, not less.

For some reason, as I was pulling mail last week, I felt like I wasn't making as much gold "as usual," but apparently I was. A brief rundown on markets:

Cata Greens
Sales of these items have slowed down considerably for me, but they are still moving; I'm just not collecting 5K every morning anymore. I bumped the prices back down to 400g per item as of yesterday, since even over the weekend sales were slow. I'm torn on how many pieces I should continue to pick up. On one hand, I want to keep them off the AH; on the other, I have a ton of 'em already. I'll probably keep buying at a good pace for the time being.

I managed to get a decent number of glyph sales this week, though the competition here is still fierce. I've had a new strategy suggested to me by Alto, so I'm going to try it -- posting for 48h is the short version. Since I'll be at work all day, I won't be able to repost constantly, so I needed a change in strategy anyway.

I didn't finish out the shuffle all the way last week, but I did manage to sell every cut inferno ruby I had as fast as I could post them, all on Tuesday night at raid time. That represented a nice chunk of change. I also sold a few other rare cuts. I didn't even make and DE jewelry, so I missed out there, I'm sure.

Vendor Recipes
I made a new bank alt just for these recipes, and she pulled in 6K this week. Yup. Worth doing.

Other Stuff
Leathers and ores from my leveling rogue; a very few transmog pieces, all at lower prices; random leveling gear; a few herbs, gems, pets, and other stuff I can't remember.

So that's it. Overall it was a better week than I thought it was while it was actually going on, and I'm over a quarter of the way to gold cap, which is really exciting. So far this week I'm up to about 262K, but I expect I won't see as many sales since I barely have time to play.

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